We’re on a mission to offer the best-in-class marketing services for our clients to help reach customers in this fast, connected world. As a boutique agency, Capture Marketing crafts effective and high ROI attaining campaigns for our valued clients. Let us be your voice in the market place and create a memorable brand presence.

Harnessing the power of digital marketing, Capture Marketing offers our clients unparalleled service, creative solutions and tactile strategies to dominate the current marketplace. We research and stay on top of industry trends, utilizing the latest tools and applications to create value for our clients.

We truly love what we do on a daily basis and the quality of work is reflected.

Creative Strategy
Story-telling is an important aspect of marketing, this is our strength and our specialty, stemming from decades of combined experience.
Brand Positioning
Our team has done branding for national multi-million dollar corporations and local businesses alike. Let us elevate your brand presence and appeal to your customers.
Market Research
We become industry experts, researching upcoming trends and identify opportunities for our clients. We stay ahead of the competition through education.
Digital Advertising
Utilizing digital advertising techniques and platforms, advanced Google Analytics, SEO & SEM optimization, we know how to target online audiences effectively.
Web Development
Leveraging our team's expertise in building websites and landing pages, we have the know-how and developers to take your project to new heights.
Content Creation
We design everything visually your brand needs to stand out and make a statement. Our work speaks for itself, guaranteed to be visually stunning.
Social Media Management
If you want to target a younger, world-wide audience, we can help. Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, Shopify, we do it all. Let us connect your brand effectively with online communities.
Chinese WeChat Advertising
As one of the largest social media platforms in the world, WeChat is becoming a powerhouse tool. We can help develop and execute advertising campaigns through our knowledge and expertise of WeChat.
Chinese Based Marketing
Our team is predominately Chinese or have an Asian background, meaning we understand the culture and language required to effectively target this market.
PR/Eventing Execution
If you are looking to make a big splash outside of digital marketing, our team also has extensive experience in creating memorable, engaging activations for launches and promos.
Custom Photography
Our in-house photographers will brainstorm, plan, and provide custom photography work for any project. Experience include portraits, landscape, real estate, food and product photgraphy.
Video Production
We partner with some of the best videographers to produce unparalleled motion graphics and personalized videos. With the latest gear, equipment and expertise, we got you covered.

Having executed dozens of successful marketing campaigns, we understand the intricacies and planning required to pull off strong, tangible results.  Every client we work with, we take the time to truly understand their business, put in hours worth of market research and help to identify key areas of opportunities. That’s the Capture Marketing difference.

step 1
Planning and strategy phase

Every client we work with, we take the time to complete a full consultation with them, to understand their unique business objectives and asking strategic questions to further build our knowledge about their industry. This allows us to take these insights and form powerful strategies through the planning and development phase.

step 2
campaign proposal & refinement

Once our team has developed a strong proposal for our client’s based on the brief and deliverables, we present our ideas and strategies in a pitch meeting. During this phase, we will propose executable timelines, estimated budgets, specific tactics and the overall creative vision for the project. Client’s can then provide valuable feedback and approve the campaign to go live.

step 3
Metrics driven execution

After our client’s approve the campaigns, we go ahead with the launch and execution. We will leverage our industry connections and media relationships to secure the best pricing and placement for our client’s messaging through digital or traditional mediums. With everything that we do, we will track and measure the ROI and ensure that we are optimizing to achieve the best KPI’s.

We believe that as an agency we have to set the bar high and have a standard of quality for all the work that we do. In addition, we also function around a set of core values which are important to us and shared by our clients.

We take pride in achieving success
for our clients in every project.
We want to become your trusted partners.


We strive to staff our agency with
the best talent in the marketplace,
ensuring qualified experts work for you.




If something is not to your satisfaction
we will do it until it is right, that is our
level of commitment to quality work.


We might be working together for the
first time or the 10th time, however,
you can trust us to act with integrity and loyalty.


Unlike other agencies or service providers
we quote based on integrity. Working with
us means there will be no hidden surprises.


We believe people are the ones that
truly move our agency forward. We pride ourselves
on being approachable and responsive in our service.

clients says about us
Jackie Quiring
Captus Advertising
Marketing Manager

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Matthew and his team at Capture Marketing for numerous campaigns. They were extremely professional, prompt, and responsive to our needs.

Trends come and go.
Diamonds are forever.
We would love to learn more about how Capture Marketing can help your business grow effectively! Please leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.