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Canadian Whisky Soda


May 2019 – August 2019


Creative Concept

Strategy Development


Influencer Partnerships

Custom Photography


Highball Canadian Whisky Soda is a new product launch from Goodridge and Williams, the distillers and creators of the popular NUTRL Vodka Soda. What makes Highball unique is the fact that it is a refreshing, year round drink with the added benefits of having no sugar, no carbs and no preservatives, delicious and healthy.

They were inspired by the rising popularity of RTD (ready to drink) alcoholic beverage options and wanted to create a  product that resembled the popular Japanese highball.

The Hiball is a classic cocktail. It’s wildly popular in Japan’s intimate, unrushed bars. Japanese bartenders employ an expert command of techniques and absolute precision with respect for the art of the cocktail.

Our task was to help launch the product for the first time in Vancouver, BC, catering specifically to the millennial, Asian demographic to be early adopters of this drink. We planned and executed a campaign which included press releases through digital media publications, influencer partnerships and two custom photography shoots which provided lots of content for the brands social media.


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