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Senniyo Medical Aesthetics


May 2020 – Present


Marketing Strategy

Creative Design


Digital Advertising

Social Media Management

Website Development

Brand revitalization for medical beauty clinic

Senniyo Beauty and Figure Group Inc. was established in Hong Kong in 1982 by founder Survana Yuen, a pioneer in the beauty industry. Our excellent service and quality, effective natural products provide the best beauty and slimming experience for our guests.

Senniyo uses advanced science and technology to achieve breakthrough effects in beauty. In 1992 Mrs. Survana Yuen established the first Senniyo spa in Vancouver. With her seniority in the beauty industry and extensive professional skills, Mrs. Yuen continues to provide a wide range of beauty, slimming, and spa services while continuing to introduce newly imported advanced technologies and exclusive equipment. She has personally tested a variety of new cosmetic methods that have led to many success stories. Mrs. Survana Yuen believes that with the proper beauty treatments and professional beauty advice, you can achieve the best results.

After 25 years in business, Ms. Yuen believed that the branding of the clinic needed to be modernized and appeal to a younger demographic. Capture Marketing was able to provide a full marketing revitalization to the brand including the development of a new website, visual assets and collateral, complete update to their social media presence and also launch digital ad campaigns.


Creative Strategy
Story-telling is an important aspect of marketing, this is our strength and our specialty, stemming from decades of combined experience.
Brand Positioning
Our team has done branding for national multi-million dollar corporations and local businesses alike. Let usĀ elevate your brand presence and appeal to your customers.
Market Research
We become industry experts, researching upcoming trends and identify opportunities for our clients. We stay ahead of the competition through education.
Digital Advertising
Utilizing digital advertising techniques and platforms, advanced Google Analytics, SEO & SEM optimization, we know how to target online audiences effectively.
Web Development
Leveraging our team's expertise in building websites and landing pages, we have the know-how and developers to take your project to new heights.
Content Creation
We design everything visually your brand needs to stand out and make a statement. Our work speaks for itself, guaranteed to be visually stunning.
Social Media Management
If you want to target a younger, world-wide audience, we can help. Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, Shopify, we do it all. Let us connect your brand effectively with online communities.
Chinese WeChat Advertising
As one of the largest social media platforms in the world, WeChat is becoming a powerhouse tool. We can help develop and execute advertising campaigns through our knowledge and expertise of WeChat.
Chinese Based Marketing
Our team is predominately Chinese or have an Asian background, meaning we understand the culture and language required to effectively target this market.
PR/Eventing Execution
If you are looking to make a big splash outside of digital marketing, our team also has extensive experience in creating memorable, engaging activations for launches and promos.
Custom Photography
Our in-house photographers will brainstorm, plan, and provide custom photography work for any project. Experience include portraits, landscape, real estate, food and product photgraphy.
Trends come and go.
Diamonds are forever.
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