Marketing to consumers is becoming increasingly important, however, our clients also realize the effectiveness of optimizing their B2B marketing strategies. Our agency is able to provide strategies that help businesses directly market and cater specifically to other businesses in the industry that share the same affinities in the form of partnerships or activations.

Le Doux Ciel


September 2019


Business Consulting

Graphic Design

Concept Branding


Marketing Strategy & Corporate partnerships

Le Doux Ciel patisserie shop was first established on mainland Vancouver in 2008. For ten years we have explored the savoury world of French and Belgian baked cuisine, we travelled around the globe to study and learn everything we could about the art of the patisserie.

Today, Le Doux Ciel is proud to announce the launch of our flagship store — this bakery displays the mastery of our chosen art form and creates experiences that excite the senses of our loyal and dessert-loving customers. They believe that a proper meal is not complete without a delicious dessert, and that the act of choosing, packaging and receiving dessert should be an experience as equally delightful as actually eating it!

We partnered with them to promote the patisserie to luxury brands and retail locations to position Le Doux Ciel as the preferred catering supplier. We reached over 40 locations and established relationships so that Le Doux Ciel can maximize it’s corporate presence and potential collaborations.


Creative Strategy
Story-telling is an important aspect of marketing, this is our strength and our specialty, stemming from decades of combined experience.
Market Research
We become industry experts, researching upcoming trends and identify opportunities for our clients. We stay ahead of the competition through education.
Content Creation
We design everything visually your brand needs to stand out and make a statement. Our work speaks for itself, guaranteed to be visually stunning.
Social Media Management
If you want to target a younger, world-wide audience, we can help. Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, Shopify, we do it all. Let us connect your brand effectively with online communities.
PR/Eventing Execution
If you are looking to make a big splash outside of digital marketing, our team also has extensive experience in creating memorable, engaging activations for launches and promos.
Custom Photography
Our in-house photographers will brainstorm, plan, and provide custom photography work for any project. Experience include portraits, landscape, real estate, food and product photgraphy.
Trends come and go.
Diamonds are forever.
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