Capture Marketing was created to help companies strategize and implement their creative visions in the ever-changing business landscape. Our growing marketing agency is driven by passionate experts who work closely with clients to bring visions to life that produce unparalleled results. We love content and design, but thrive on the data necessary to succeed in a digital world, consistently delivering campaigns with strong ROI.

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Creative Strategy
Story-telling is an important aspect of marketing, this is our strength and our specialty, stemming from decades of combined experience.
Brand Positioning
Our team has done branding for national multi-million dollar corporations and local businesses alike. Let us elevate your brand presence and appeal to your customers.
Market Research
We become industry experts, researching upcoming trends and identify opportunities for our clients. We stay ahead of the competition through education.
Digital Advertising
Utilizing digital advertising techniques and platforms, advanced Google Analytics, SEO & SEM optimization, we know how to target online audiences effectively.
Web Development
Leveraging our team's expertise in building websites and landing pages, we have the know-how and developers to take your project to new heights.
Content Creation
We design everything visually your brand needs to stand out and make a statement. Our work speaks for itself, guaranteed to be visually stunning.
Social Media Management
If you want to target a younger, world-wide audience, we can help. Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, Shopify, we do it all. Let us connect your brand effectively with online communities.
Chinese WeChat Advertising
As one of the largest social media platforms in the world, WeChat is becoming a powerhouse tool. We can help develop and execute advertising campaigns through our knowledge and expertise of WeChat.
Chinese Based Marketing
Our team is predominately Chinese or have an Asian background, meaning we understand the culture and language required to effectively target this market.
PR/Eventing Execution
If you are looking to make a big splash outside of digital marketing, our team also has extensive experience in creating memorable, engaging activations for launches and promos.
Custom Photography
Our in-house photographers will brainstorm, plan, and provide custom photography work for any project. Experience include portraits, landscape, real estate, food and product photgraphy.
Video Production
We partner with some of the best videographers to produce unparalleled motion graphics and personalized videos. With the latest gear, equipment and expertise, we got you covered.

We are a team of advertising and marketing professionals who are intensely passionate about what we do.

With decades of combined experience across multi-categories, our expertise is unique, thoughtful and effective.

We understand the importance of winning over customers in today’s competitive landscape. We understand the needs of the clients while offering the best in marketing services.

Our multi-cultural background and experience is also an important asset when working in a world full of diversity.

Our work process

Every client we work with receives a complimentary consultation session which allows our team to grasp the scope of the campaign, determine tangible deliverables and outline overall key performance indicators. We also take this opportunity to ask more insightful questions that can influence our strategy planning process.

planning & strategy

Extensive market research is done during the planning phase of each campaign. We identify target audiences, opportunities within the industry and highlight our client’s unique selling proposition.

design & develop

Our in-house graphic designers will turn your vision into a reality. Whether you are creating out-of-home campaigns, digital ad banners or social media content, you can trust our team will deliver the best, quality work.

ExECUTE & deliver

Once everything is approved, our campaigns go live. We will closely monitor and track on-going results so we can act quickly to results, optimizing our client’s marketing dollars effectively to give them the best return on investment.

our works

We are grateful for the amazing clients that we get to work with on a daily basis. Our team is constantly inspired by the products that they sell or the services they offer, we strive to deliver our best marketing work to help further propel their business.

Le Doux Ciel
Senniyo Medical Aesthetics
“…Marketing is our passion, capturing the attention of brands and consumers is what we do best.”                                                                     Matthew Kan, Founder
Our Promise. To provide a standard of service we are proud to produce and you are excited to show off.
Quality of Work 100%
Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%
Passion & Dedication 110%

We are proud to serve clients across a wide range of industries including automobiles, real estate, high end dining establishments, fashion brands, consumer products and non-profits. Like what you see? Message us and let us explore for you endless opportunities!

Jackie Quiring
Captus Advertising
Marketing Manager

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Matthew and his team at Capture Marketing for numerous campaigns. They were extremely professional, prompt, and responsive to our needs.

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At Capture Marketing, one of the main reasons why we are able to succeed and consistently deliver high quality work is because we have an amazing team. With specializations and experts ranging across different disciplines, we are able to offer exceptional services to our clients. Our expertise span across creative branding, copy writing, graphic design, Chinese translations/transcreation, web development, social media strategy and content creation.

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Matthew Kan
Amrit Sangar
Photography Lead
Vicky Huang
Chinese Copywriter
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Lex and Josh
Videographers/Motion Graphics

Check in weekly for the latest in marketing trends and news! We will also be sharing insightful blog posts about secret tips all marketers should know!

Trends come and go.
Diamonds are forever.
We would love to learn more about how Capture Marketing can help your business grow effectively! Please leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.